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  • New songs 2014


    AnniKa von Trier »BERLIN, ES IST ZEIT«

    Premiere am 23. Februar 2015
    Internationales Akkordeonfestival Wien

    Kurzfilm KARL MARX ON WALLSTREET (1`40 )
    aufgenommen am 19. September 2014 in New York
    Kamera: AnniKa von Trier
    Song »Karl Marx oder das Kapitel vom Kapital«
    © AnniKa von Trier * Clocharde-de-luxe-Produktion 2014

    Preview (Part of the new show)
    Tuesday, September 16 @ Gotham Comedy Club, New York, 7 pm
    23rd Street (7th Avenue), near by the old Chelsea Hotel
    Invitation by the German Forum NY

    anniKa von trier: «berlin, es ist zeit!» produced by monobeat berlin

    anniKa von trier: «gerade jetzt!» produced by monobeat berlin

    Singer/ Songwriter AnniKa von Trier lives in Berlin. In her brand new songs, she describes the actual feeling of the Berlin life and our relationship to time – the “Zeitgeist” between East and West, 24/7, digital-bohemia, patchworkfamilys and city gentrification. Those songs will be part of an album she is currently working on. She will premiere this work in NY, singing and accompanying herself on her accordion.

    Foto: Thea Weires